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Dear Cory, 


You taught me so much. You helped me through dark times. I’m so sorry we couldn’t help you through yours.
You put smiles on so many faces. You’ll never be forgotten be us gleeks.
Last of all, thank you for making Lea happy. You made Finchel reality and you made me believe in true love.
I know you’ll always watch over her.
Thank you for everything.

HELLO THERE, YOU MAGNIFICENT SPECIMEN.: it’s not supposed to happen like this it’s supposed to happen in forty... 


it’s not supposed to happen like this

it’s supposed to happen in forty or fifty years time when you’re kind of getting old and glee is just another one of those things you were obsessed with as a teenager that’s been put at the back of your mind, but never really forgotten

and you hear on the…

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Naya Rivera for Allure Magazine 2013

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Don't you remember?

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